Sunday, 23 February 2014

CSI: 110 - I am Sam

I just loved the simplicity of this weeks case:

and I just adored the sketch - I hope that I have done it justice!

Here is how I solved case 110:
Scheme - the colours are all there
Evidence – pet accents, feather (fibres), ribbon, solid background, something sheer, jewels

Testimony – Journal about a pet and tell the story from your pet’s point of view.  IW:  style, fancy hope.  “Hi there!  My owners call me Samson Stinky West, but I prefer if you call me good boy!  I live in a house with my two meowing puppies and masters and my three miniature food holders.  I love it when other food holders come into the house and bark to let everyone know that someone is here to see me WOOF!  I am not a fancy dog breed, but the evil stabbing man said that I am a Jack Russell, Kelpie cross – not sure what that means, but my master says I am very clever and full of energy.  My master grooms me, and makes sure my fur style is trendy.  I love to steal food from the kitchen, and prefer to drink from the white porcelain bowl.  Thinking of food, I hope I can get some soon…”

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  1. sam has got to be the cutest most friendliest dog EVER