Sunday, 9 February 2014

CSI - 108 - Art Award

I LOVED these colours!  In fact, I loved the inspiration piece so much that I may have a go at a similar style canvas!

Here is what I did with it:

Here is how I solved case 108:
Scheme - the colours are all there
Evidence – Mixed media background, bird, newsprint, music element, hearts, flowers, border punch, stamps and pen work

Testimony – Tell a story you haven’t shared before.  IW:  Share, story & everyone “I had one of those proud Mommy moments when I was told to attend the annual prize giving at Bayview School.  I was told that Madison was getting an award, but I wasn’t told what it was for.  You can imagine the pleasure I took from watching Madison get her name called out for the winner of the Visual Artist of the year Award!  Out of the entire school, she won the highly coveted award with a still life drawing of a hanging floral basket.   She was nominated with two other strong artists and her teacher was blown away by the realism of her drawing and the shading used to create a 3D look. The next day, her teacher told me the story of how Madison won the award with her still life drawing and that Madison deserved to win. Everyone in her class was impressed with the art that she shared throughout the year.  I just love that Madison loves art as much as I do!”

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  1. I am so glad I won that award but it was the only one I got