Monday, 24 February 2014

CKCB Challenge #3 February 2014

Over at CKCB, challenge number 3 was to make a card (or something) in 10 minutes.  I had a go, and with an idea in my head from 2 peas, my kit for February, and a friend to keep me honest (and take photos!)

Proof that I was timing myself!
Stuffing a clear cellophane bag with a 6 x 4 cardstock and pretty sequins
Sewing the top of bag closed, and around the edge of the bag
Time check - Pretty quick!
Tying bakers twine around the bag (after matting on red cardstock)
Another time check after putting DST on back
Putting on the front card

A bit of washi and its nearly done
added a heart and some gems, and it was all done - with time to spare!


  1. Wow you got a lot done in 10 mins that is a really cute card :)

  2. SWEET card! So creative. This was my DT assigned challenge, but mine is a snore compared to this :~D Kudos! Adore that sequined bag element.

  3. I'd say that card is happy, sweet and amazing. Crazy good quick crafting - hooray!!

  4. was you'r friend leanne? reason you have so many friends