Friday, 31 January 2014

CSI - 106 - A New Year

So last weeks challenge was a bit self reflective for me, but it fitted the "case":
I was really surprised when I saw the colours because I had just got Kaisercraft SweetPea on sale and the colours were perfect.  I got the collection to use on the girls 2014 dance pages, but I am sure there is enough in the pack to do this challenge.  Any way, here is what I came up with:

106 - A new year
Here is how I solved case 106:
Scheme - the colours are all there (with a few greys too)
Evidence – arrows, gold, cloud, numbers, circles and stripes.
Testimony – Write about resolutions, number your journaling and IW: good and be “Like many of us, we celebrate New Years Eve and during the night, I sit and contemplate the year that was. I was a little sad this New Years to say good bye to 2013, as I have accomplished so much. I feel better within myself and have been actively trying to get fit by going for my morning walks and drinking more water than usual. I put myself out there by starting my own blog and posting some of the scrapbook layouts and cards that I make. I smile as much as I can and laugh with my children. These were my resolutions for 2013 and they have all been achieved. So on reflection, 2013 was a good year for me and now I get to close the door on it and start thinking about 2014.
Unlike most of us, I don’t set my new year’s resolutions on the 1st. This is because I found over the years that I would forget what I was going to try to achieve or I would set my goals so high and unrealistic that it just never happened. Instead, I ruminate on it over a few weeks – until I get an idea of what I want to achieve. This works well for me as I often can’t make snap decisions.
So what do I want for 2014 for me personally?
1 Sign up for a new crafting challenge
2 Be more confident when looking at others blogs – write comments
3 Get in front of the camera more
4 Get to the beach more often
I am really looking forward to 2014 – Madison is starting Intermediate and Katie Rose will be on her own at Primary school, so both girls get a chance to be independent from each other. Riley is going to have his first season of football and is now one of the big boys at Kindy.
Without even realising it, I am already achieving some of my resolutions. Today, I spent the afternoon with Leanne, Emily, Katie Rose and Riley at Milford Beach. I put myself in front of the camera and let Leanne take photos of me and then printed them before I could delete them!
I don’t know what else will happen this year, but I am sure that there will be plenty of opportunities to keep my New Year Resolutions and create new memories!”


  1. what a gorgeous layout and I love that owl perched up on the left.

  2. A beautiful LO.
    THANKYOU for your kind comments on my blog today and I look forward to seeing your February kit :)

  3. I wish I had you'r talent!!!!!