Sunday, 19 January 2014

CSI - 105 - 2 cheeky galz

I am absolutely loving the colours this week!!

I found some old photos taken on Jacks cellphone from when the girls were little and had to use them - they fitted the sketch perfectly!!!

105 - 2 cheeky galz
Here is how I solved case 105:
Scheme - the colours are all there.
Evidence – stars, circles, book pages, stripes, something unusual (the gold 6 pointed stars are from a hanging door curtain) and a pocket
Testimony – Write a how to guide & IW:  escape, away and strange.  “How to keep two cheeky girls busy:
1 – Take one trampoline and add two girls.
2 – Let the girls escape from real life by using their awesome imagination.
3 – Get them to make strange funny faces by making funny faces at them.
4 – See if they will run away from each other – while staying on the trampoline.

5 – Sing and dance to ring a rosie.

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