Sunday, 12 January 2014

CSI - 104 - A time to Dream

I am back taking the CSI challenge again this year!  Case 104 was a bit of a challenge with all the bright colours, but I had fun with my doily! The challenge:

104 - A time to Dreamand here is what I did with it!

Here is how I solved case 104:
Scheme - the colours are all there.
Evidence – Bird, Damask, polka dots, hearts, fabric, paint, silver metal, doily and ribbon.

Testimony – IW:  smiles, sunshine, up.  “At dinner tonight, you were so tired you fell asleep before I could get the food on the table.  You are so full of smiles and sunshine when you are awake, I wonder how bright your dreams are when you are asleep.  You were so peaceful, I just couldn’t wake you up.  Madison, you are my little dreamer.”

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