Sunday, 13 October 2013

CSI - 92 - all that Sparkles is you

After last week being taken up with Katie Rose's birthday, I left my CSI weekly challenge till the last minute, but I really love how it turned out!

The colours were really me, and I already knew the papers that I wanted to use - the hardest part was finding a photo that fitted into the testimony theme!  I found the perfect photo though:

It was taken at a birthday party for Aisha that Maddy went to:

92 - all that Sparkles is you
Here is how I solved case 92
Scheme - the colours are all there (but the teal is a little off)
Evidence – Rhinestones, Pearls, Book Pages, Cabochon Flower, Heart, Ribbon, something that dangles, Charm, Cameo, Handmade Flower, Lace, Distressing, stacked embellishments.
Testimony – Tuck journaling between layers; IW: Sparkle, Secret, Quiet:
There is a pull-out tag with the metal brad tucked into the layers: “It’s not very often that Madison sits so quiet, but she did today at Aisha’s birthday party.  Madison loves to have her face painted and she didn’t want to wash it off afterwards.  Her face lit up when she saw the glitter on the wings of the butterfly.  She just loves the sparkle, but the biggest secret of all is that she shines brighter than any glitter! – 24 May 2006”.

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