Sunday, 15 September 2013

CSI - 88 - Needful Things

Ok, so one of the challenges for this week was to use a book title for inspiration.  I read this book in 1993, and one of the things I remember was what item would be my needful thing and what would I be prepared to pay for it!  Well there are many things in life that I would "Just love to have", and most of them are to fuel my crafting addiction!  Both Leanne and I are frugal shoppers and we both strive to get the best product for the best price, so going to classes and getting new product is one of our Needful Things.

The case file for this week:

Here is how I solved case 88
Scheme – the colours are all there (just a little off correct spectrum)
Evidence – Floral Pattern (paper and doodling), Notebook Paper (for journaling on), Clock (in embellishment cluster and on background), Stars (in cluster), Globe, Use pen (doodling), book page (from a book I am altering), Frame

Testimony – Book title as inspiration (Needful Things by Stephen King) and IW: create, and inspiration  “Leanne and I love to make cards and learn new techniques to help us create them.  We were lucky enough to get to a Saturday class with Jax.  She does have lovely ideas and we find inspiration to try new things.  I really enjoy spending time with Leanne and we always get to share a laugh (or two).  We also get to buy new products to add to our collection of Needful Things.”

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