Saturday, 7 September 2013

CSI - 87 - Beach Babe

The challenge for this week was so much fun!  I just loved the colours and the inspiration I got from the case file!  

This is the case file for the week:

In 2006,  when Katie Rose and Maddy were very little and we went on a holiday to Russell for a week.  We stayed with Jodi and every day we went out and did fun  stuff!  These photo's were taken when we went to the beach for the day, and there was no one else around. 

Here is how I solved case 87
Scheme - the colours are all there (just a little off correct spectrum)

Evidence – Map Print (Stamped and coloured map), Transportation Accent (Compass), Fish (Whale and starfish), Butterflies (only one), Flags, Arrows, Wave Shapes, Stitching, Mist, Word Stickers (lovely on flag)

Testimony – Make your journaling wander across the page and IW:  wander and lost:

“Madison is in her happy place, wandering along the beach, lost in thought while she looks for shells.  She loves to build sandcastles at the beach and feel the sand between her toes.”

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