Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Jessica's 8th birthday Card

I wanted to something special for Jessica, she is an amazing girl who is very creative and loves making cards.  So when Christy at TiddlyInks sent an email to let everyone know that she was having a sale on her acrylic stamps, I ordered the "Wrynn - Hanging Around" that I wanted and a few fairies and dragons.  I had to use the "Fairy Happy Day" stamp for Jessica because it is so cute, and I know she appreciates the fact I have made it just for her.

I used Momento to stamp up the fairy, and the impression was crisp and clear right from the first stamp.  I added extra colour into the daisies rather than leaving them white, and found the design of the fairy fabulous to colour!  She just came to life very easily.  I decided to make it a pink card because I wanted to use the pretty pink flowers, and colour matched my paper and cardstock accordingly.  Jessica is a Kindy Glitz kind of girl, so I used it on the daisies and her magical wings!

I had so much fun making this card, and cant wait to try out the other stamps that I ordered!  If you like the image, you can purchase directly from the artist at: but remember that at the moment it is only digital stamps available until September.

I also used some of the paper to make a gift bag to co-ordinate with the card!

Happy Birthday Jess, I hope that you like your card, as much as I did making it!

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  1. i love mum's work and i don't know what i would do without her creativity.