Sunday, 16 March 2014

CSI: 113 - Funky Whanau

I just loved these colours this week, there is something about pink/aqua/grey, that just makes scrapping a breeze!!!  I am demonstrating on 29/03/14 at Spotlight Wairau, so I chose to use products from there as well as fitting it into the colour schemes for CSI.  This is the case file for the week:

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Here is how I solved case 113:
Scheme - the colours are all there
Evidence – Ledger Paper, camera, hearts, owls, pen work and Stripes

Testimony – Use typewriter font, IW:  love, memory, family:  “I love that Daddy works for Vodafone.  They throw the best family event for all their staff.  I will always have the visions of you kids, protecting me from the crazy clowns on stilts, in my memory.  What an amazing Funky Day!  Feb 08 2014”

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